Global perspectives on the European arms industries


  • Richard Bitzinger
  • Aude Fleurant
  • Keith Hartley
  • Wiliam Hartung
  • Stefan Markowski
  • Yannick Queau
  • Robert Wylie



Arms production


The authors of this article offer perspectives on the symposium on the European arms industries published in volume 12, number 1 of The Economics of Peace and Security Journal. The symposium contributions cover the history, current situation, and likely future prospects of the European naval, land armaments, military helicopter, aerospace, and outer space industries. The perspectives then comment on the articles as a group and do so from a global vantage point inasmuch as the commentators constitute a group of prominent researchers and policy analysts drawn from around the world.


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Bitzinger, R., Fleurant, A., Hartley, K., Hartung, W., Markowski, S., Queau, Y., & Wylie, R. (2017). Global perspectives on the European arms industries. The Economics of Peace and Security Journal, 12(1).




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