Information For Authors

(1) Submission: We expect authors to respect our editors' and reviewers' time. Therefore, please first review the About the Journal and the Author Guidelines pages. At present, there are no author fees to be paid.

(2) Review: We usually take two weeks for internal review and up to an additional six weeks for external review (once we have received agreements to review). Thus, unless the submission is rejected early on as inappropriate for EPSJ, authors should expect to receive a response within eight weeks after submission.

(3) Decision categories: We have four decision categories.

ACCEPT: Our decision is to ACCEPT the article for publication (subject only to satisfactory responses to copyediting queries, if any should arise).

REVISE: This means that, subject to satisfactory revision, EPSJ is likely to accept the submission. Nonetheless, note that we may send any revised submission to the same, or new, reviewers. Final acceptance depends on the quality of the revision and/or a second review.

RESUBMIT: This means that EPSJ remains interested in the topic and that, if you do resubmit, the submission will be handled as a new submission (with a new manuscript handling number) and go through a new round of internal and external review.

DECLINE: Our decision is to DECLINE the submission. Likely reasons include that the submission is inappropriate for EPJS (does not fit its aims & scope) or that the submission is substantially flawed.

(4) Post-publication: Apart from purely private storage, any reproduction, reprinting, or any other form of sharing of your article in any form or format requires our explicit, written permission. In particular, we do not permit either our restricted-access or our open-access articles to be stored on institutional servers or on services such as or We encourage you, however, to post your article's DOI number on such services, so that any click-through points to our own servers. Thank you.